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100% Cotton Face Masks

This collection is being made available for a very limited time. Stock is very limited and can not be reproduced. The masks available are excess from particular donation orders we have already completed.  We are hoping we can keep purchasing essential supplies to make face masks for our medical community. Unfortunately we have exhausted all our personal stocks to make masks that have already been distributed and need more elastic and cotton fabric to keep donating to those who need them the most. The medical community is running low on stock for doctors and nurses all over the country.

Please note these masks are not N95!!! These will not stop you from getting a virus. If you are sick these will protect those around you from the spread. If you have allergies or struggle with being outdoors in pollution these will help.  Please be aware that all masks are not 100% effective. These masks can be worn over N95 masks for longer wear of an essential mask. 

All 100% cotton face masks are machine washable and can be re-used.