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True Timber Conceal Camo Silk & Cotton Bandana

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True Timber Conceal Camo Silk & Cotton Bandana

90% Cotton, 10% Silk

 This fabric is lightweight, soft on the skin and perfect for hunting in. This is a rare deal as it was a special order that we received on the wrong fabric. This is a one sided print.

Colors: True Timber Conceal print.

Size: 24x24”


Silk and cotton both are a wonderful fabric for temperature regulation and will work in warm and cold climates alike. This silk/cotton blend is highly durable and will keep the dirt out of your lungs and the sun off your neck all day long.

Silk-cotton mix- a soft, lightweight fabric which has a cotton weave combined with the luster and drape of silk. It’s the best of both fabrics and highly breathable.

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