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About Us

Hi everyone, My name is Melanie and I am the owner of Wild West Rag Co. I was born and raised in Arizona and have been breathing in dirt and getting sunburnt my whole life. I started Wild West Rag after friends complained about being duped into buying Polyester rags they believed to be silk, and complaining about cotton bandanas sold being too small.

We hand cut, sew and trim every wild rag and bandana in Dewey, Arizona.  We do not outsource our sewing ever. We are 100% made in the USA!

This company is for the hard working people who deserve the best. I know I prefer a fine silk rag wrapped around my neck while I'm working.  I'm sure most of you do as well. I live in a very hot, dusty and dry climate and that is why I needed the best fabrics for breathability and moisture wicking. Whether you live in a warm or cold location,  it is important that you stay dry and are comfortable wearing a wild rag.

In the tradition of true wild rags, we only make wild rags with natural fibers.

You will not find polyester fashion rags or "silky satin" on this site as it's not a breathable or moisture wicking fabric. You will never be duped by Wild West Rag into wearing a fabric that you are unsure of.  Every description contains the exact fabric used for each rag. We always use silk, silk blends, wool and cottons. For us who work hard all day we truly need fabric that will work with us to keep us dry, keep the dust out of our lungs and most importantly to keep the sun off of our neck.

With Wild West Rag Co you will be buying USA made and will always be wearing an original!