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Burgundy & Navy Floral Silk Rag

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Burgundy & Navy Floral Silk Rag

100% Silk Twill Handmade Wild Rag

This silk twill is medium weight and is soft to the touch yet a firmer fabric. This print is a 2 in 1. One side is deep burgundy with blue and mini ivory flower stamps, the other side is just burgundy and ivory mini flowers. Perfect for changing it up.

Color: Burgundy, White, and Navy

Size: 36x36" 


Silk is a wonderful fabric for temperature regulation and will work in warm and cold climates alike. This silk is highly durable and will keep the dirt out of your lungs and the sun off your neck all day long.

Silk Twill- Combines the utilitarian strength of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk! A fabric with an obvious weave but still maintaining a smooth texture that is easy to wear. It is a nice weight, with a wonderful drape, great luster and excellent durability for the weight of the fabric. 18mm