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Limited Time Cattle Brands 100% Cotton Face Mask

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Limited Time Cattle Brands 100% Cotton Face Mask

100% Cotton Face Masks.

We have started making masks after assisting our community with producing on a large scale for Doctors and Nurses in our home state and elsewhere. We have repeatedly been contacted in regards to customers wanting to purchase these masks. Though we generally would prefer to give them away our supplies for making masks for the medical community are running low. All proceeds of the sale of masks will go into purchasing more supplies to make more masks for the medical community.

These are serged and have a pleated design that allows them to open up to cover your entire face. They can be worn over other masks to reduce the inhaling of airborne particals, dust and pollen. 

Please note these masks are not N95.  They are meant to be worn if you suffer from allergies, or are sick and trying to stop spreading your own germs. If you are trying to conserve your N95 masks these will work perfectly over the top of them to allow longer use of your essential mask.

These are machine washable at high temps and can be re-used over and over.

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